May 08

The Boo has become known for his fantastic hair. Everywhere we go I hear “Look at those curls!” “Where did he get those curls?” “Oh my goodness, look at that hair!” It’s his thing. Well, that and pooping. Curly hair and poop, those are his things. I’ve taken great measures in caring for and maintaining his ‘do. We use a special conditioning shampoo...

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Boo Wants Candy!

Apr 18

This year my family decided to spend Easter weekend at the Jersey shore. My siblings and I were like little school children excited for a field trip. We were determined to do spend the weekend doing nothing more than eating, drinking, sleeping, and playing. It isn’t often we get that kind of time together, especially with my brother being a chef and never having a...

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The Facets of Boo

Mar 29

Now that the Boo is over a year and a half, definitively no longer a baby, moving towards independence, and making me and the Hubs think that it might be time to start thinking about #2 (don’t get excited, people), I’ve been a bit reflective about my little man’s journey from birth to little manhood. So, in my spare time, I’ve been sneaking...

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Booty Scoocher

Mar 17

What goes up, must come down, right? I knew once the Boo learned how to climb the stairs, I wondered how long it would take for him to figure out how to get back down. He’s a cautious little bugger, so I knew he was going to wait until he was absolutely ready to figure out the best way for him accomplish the task. I had hoped that he would simply reverse the...

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First Kiss

Mar 11

Every girl looks forward to her first kiss. You practice in the mirror, on your hand, and in your mind as a little girl and early adolescent. You wait, you hope, you build it up to be the perfect first kiss. You imagine the boy to be handsome, charming, and a great kisser. I had my first kiss in 9th grade at the Homecoming Dance. It was magical and all that jazz....

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The Era of the Mouth

Feb 25

A few days ago the Boo turned 18 months old. Yep, a full year and a half. I cannot believe it and, yet, sometimes I feel like he’s been here all my life. Looking back on the last year and a half I’m realizing that each phase of a child’s life can be defined into different “eras.” The first year of his life ended up being the Era of the...

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A Question of Policy

Jan 29

Now that we’ve completed 2 rounds of ear infections and pinkeye, resulting from him picking up every cough and cold possible, I have to stop and think about this. Now, I know, every single parent I have talked to that has had a child in day care or school for the first winter says the same thing: This is normal. Next winter he will be much healthier. This is how he...

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Revenge of the Super Pooper

Jan 28

Remember the days of the epic poo-splosions? I sure do. The Boo would have at least one every couple of days, sometimes every day at one point. I had cleaning them up down to a science. Not a speck on the changing table, not a speck on either of us, minimal wipe usage. Spanking clean in seconds. OK, tens of seconds. A minute. Whatever. Point is, I was a master...

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